Great deal of money is put up into male enhancement products production and distribution. And it tends to increase, because sexual sphere is considered to be of great importance for each man. Medical doctors and dealers make a fortune with the help of those men. But how much do we all know about the contentment of the consumer and security measures?

So what are the most recognized male enhancement products at the moment? Are they safe, effective and easy to use? Below you’ll find several crucial reviews of the worst male enhancement products, which can be helpful if you want to make your selection now:

1. Surgery is the most popular male enhancement product amongst those who have much money. There are plenty of male enhancement techniques beginning with the cutting of the ligaments connecting the penis to the body and ending with the body fat injections underneath the skin. It does not matter what sort of male enhancement surgery you have, usually you do not stop on it and further operations are required for correction of deformities you received after the primary operation.

Frequent side effects are as follows: scars, sensitivity problems, and fat lumps and accumulation where it’s not supposed to be accumulated. More extreme effects are impotence, urination problems and pains. The price of the operations is also impressive: an ordinary male enhancement surgery costs from $7 000 to as much as $15 000. And you need to remember that cosmetic surgery isn’t included into insurance, thus those that do them pay on their own.

2. Many men try vacuum pumps to see how they work. Curiously, they do not achieve the specified result and these units are too costly. Be cautious if you are using a vacuum pumps as it is not completely safe. Men can use penis vacuum pumps on occasion to get erection quickly. Yet, proper care needs to be taken to pump the right amount of vacuum because an extra power may end in permanent injury of the penile tissue’s blood vessels.